What documents will I need to secure a loan?

This checklist outlines the principal documents and information that are generally required to complete the application. Additional documentation may be required, depending on the circumstances of your loan. By having the information available, you will save time and avoid delays.

– Most recent 30 days of pay stubs.
– W-2′s for last 2 years
– Signed personal tax returns for last 2 years—all pages and all schedules. If self employed, 1099′s and complete business returns, YTD P&L , business license and/ or DBA, copy of 3rd party verification such as an advertisement of your business.
– Social Security/Disability/Retirement Income Awards letters and proof it will continue for 3 years.
– Rental property-current leases, insurance, mortgage and tax statements for each property.
– Bank Statements: Most recent 2 months of statements, all pages for all accounts. Internet statements are acceptable if they contain your name, banks’ name, account numbers.
– Please source all deposits that are not regular pay checks. Sourcing should include a copy of the check deposited.
– Provide all pages of the most recent statement (s) for 401k, retirement, IRA’s, CD’s etc.
– Letter of explanation for any job gaps, decrease in income etc.
– If you are receiving child support/alimony, please provide proof of receipt for the most recent 12 months and the most recent support order.
– If you are paying child support/alimony, please provide a copy of the court order and payment plan.
– Mortgage, insurance and tax statements for any additional property owned.
– Driver license(s) & social security card(s).

Miscellaneous Documentation:

– Name, address and phone number of your landlord.
– Divorce Decree—all pages.
– Complete copy of all bankruptcy papers including final discharge.
– Provide copy of earnest money check clearing the bank.
– If selling current home, need documentation of listing and contract.
– If current home has just been sold, then a copy of the HUD 1 statement and proof of receipt of proceeds.
– If receiving gift funds, need a completed gift letter and donor sourcing for gift funds (this is a complete copy of the donor’s bank statement showing the money coming out for the gift. Donor will also have to source any large deposits). We will also will need proof of deposit to borrower’s account (copy of check and statement with deposit on it) or if cashiers check made payable to title, we will need a copy of the cashier’s check.
– Name and phone number of your insurance agent for the subject property.
– Letter of explanation for all credit inquiries—must be specific for each inquiry and each result.
– Letter of explanation on any negative credit.

VA Loans:

– Copy of the DD214 Member page 4 or if active duty, statement of service.
– Original Certificate of Eligibility.
– Name, address & phone number of nearest relative not living with you.


– Copy of Note & Deed of Trust.
– Copy of HUD 1 Settlement Statement.
– Copy of Survey, Tax Statements & Insurance Dec Page
– Copy of Current Mortgage Statement

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